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Electron not found

  • First magic mirror so bear with me. After having much trouble with the automatic installer

    bash -c "$(curl -sL"

    I switched to the manual install method found on the MM2 git repo. During install I get the electron error stating there’s no version for arm6l. To remedy I ran

    npm install --arch=armv7l electron@2.0.0

    Which successfully installed electron. I then reran npm install inside the ~/MagicMirror folder. I got the Magic mirror installed successfully message and no errors, but MagicMirror will not run after npm start.
    If I try sh I get 7: electron: not found

    Any help would be appreciated, seems no tutorial I’ve found handles the electron not supporting armv6l device error.

    Device: Raspi 3 B+
    OS: Raspbian Stretch 2019-04-08
    Node: 10.18.0
    npm: 6.13.4

  • @voxum armv6 is falling out of favor…

    rename the MagicMirror folder out of the way, or delete it

    use my install script…
    (it will be in the next release)

    it will setup for serveronly and launch chrome to be the browser instead of electron

  • @sdetweil
    Worked like a charm. Now to mess around with some additional features. Thanks so much!

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