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"Update available for module ..." appears but I don't want to update

  • On the top center of my display appears the text from the topic. I don’t want to update the module because I did my own modifications on it. So is it possible to remove this without doing any update?

  • Project Sponsor

    I’d see two options:

    1. Disable the update notifikation by inserting
    disabled: true, 

    in the module config

    module: "updatenotification",
    disabled: true, 
    position: "top_bar"

    But then all update notifications will be disabled.

    1. You fork the module into your own github repo, apply the changes you made, and install the module from your own repo. This might require to make also adoptions in the code for references, which point into the original repo.
      But then you will not have automatically update notifications, if the original module has been updated.

    What I do is to document my changes in my private repo and to apply them if the module gets updated. That’s for me the easiest and quickest way.

  • Module Developer

    really, option 2 here is the only way to solve it that makes sense. Always fork before making changes.

  • I’m in favor of option 1… you don’t HAVE to suffer thru having the potential updates displayed, and you don’t have to take the changes either…

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