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Bigger mirror but smaller display. Can we do half screen or partial screen MM ?

  • I am trying to re-use a bunch of older but smaller displays to build a set of magic mirrors for my house.
    However i want to have a larger mirror - but only have smaller displays laying around.

    • Is it possible to have this setup - a 24"x 50" inch mirror with a 24" x12" monitor / display ? I read there can be bleed through but i cant seem to find a post with pictures so I can take a closer look. Links will be appreciated.

    • Some of the displays have minor scratches - like a very fine scratch while wiping down the screen. How critical is it to have a pristine / non scratched monitor ?

    Appreciate the help.

  • @magicneo on the smaller display behind bigger mirror… sure… there have been some posts for a wall mirror in a bathroom with a his and hers displays setup…

    your imagination is all that you need

    tiny scratches probably won’t show thru…

  • you can also place your modules in just one half of your screen i think that it could be a possible solution of your problem

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