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  • Does anyone else use this module/anyone having trouble with it?

    I got my API keys and set up the config file. When I launch MM, not only does the PlaceInfo module not load (when set to either top_center or bottom_center), but none of my modules will load besides top_left, top_center, and middle_center regions. I’m getting no errors in the terminal. Here is my config.js entry:

    module: 'MMM-PlaceInfo',
    position: 'top-center',
    config: {
    weatherAPIKey: "myopenweatherAPIkey",
    currencyAPIKey: "myfixer.ioAPIkey",
    currencyPrecision: 2,
    currencyRelativeTo: 'USD',
    places: [
    title: "London",
    flag: "gb",
    currency: "GBP",
    timezone: "Europe/London",
    weatherID: "2643743",
    title: "Tokyo",
    flag: "jp",
    currency: "JPY",
    timezone: "Asia/Tokyo",
    weatherID: "1857910",

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