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wrong age in calendar module

  • hi,

    I´ve created google calendar as a birthday calendar. Birthday is created as an appointment (whole day, repeat every year). Start date is the birthday and year of birth.
    My problem is that the display of age is a year less. So instead of 35 years old only 34 is displayed (E.g. March 22th.).
    alt text
    Does anyone know this problem?

  • @chamaeleon82 Same here. There is a logical bug in the calculation of “yearDiff” in calendar.js line 129-130. It calculates “CurrentYear” - “FirstYear of event” instead “NextOccurrenceYear of event” - “FirstYear of event”. I’m not too familiar with js, but the fix should be something like yearDiff = event.startDate.getFullYear() - event.firstYear.

  • for me it worked by replacing in line 129:

    new Date().getFullYear()


    new Date(parseInt(event.startDate)).getFullYear()

  • thank you, will soon try.

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