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24" monitor shows trough glass

  • See the picture to understand what my issue is.
    Have a 24" display with a larger glass from Amazon.

    What can I do to only see the text/icons trough?

    18" x 24" x 0.12" Acrylic See-Through Mirror, 30% Transparent

  • @alfiboy It looks like the brightness or backlight of your monitor is set too high.

  • Module Developer

    This is a common problem and not easy to be solved.

    Several things determine that:

    • the lighting
    • the quality / transparency of your mirror (30% is quite high, acrylic is not really high quality)
    • the backlighting of your display.

    I would suggest the following:


    • Play with what you have: Better lighting in the room, the brighter the room the better the reflection
    • Adjust brightness of the monitor down to as low as possible. Keep contrast high.
    • Remember that you can play with the css colors. By standard, all text is set to different levels of gray, not to bright white. You can set all text color in oyur custom.css to a brighter white and lower the brightness of your monitor even more. Copy the entries in the main.css to your custom.css and change them to brighter values.

    If that doesn’t suffice


    • Buy better glass :-). Maybe find someone selling samples of two-way mirror glass.

  • Wow, did not expect reply that quick. Thanks, will defenetly try the recommendations!

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