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Help with configuring MMM-CalendarExt2 (NOOB)

  • Hello everyone sorry for the noob questions. I have installed magic mirror and a few modules successfully. I am teaching myself more and more on code but I am so lost on the CalendarExt2.

    I have read all the readmes, I have googled, searched this forum and I am just not understanding it correctly.

    1- To set up the calendar, do I do that in the modules section (config file where the main modules are)? I am talking about linking the calendar with my url. I dont think so but I cant find where to config the calendar portion (linking my calendar). I have looked everywhere I went to the config section but all I see is examples…

    2- I want my calendar to look like the one thats previewed where it shows the month (just the bottom portion) , here. I am pretty sure I know how to do that via the scenes and view. ( But I cannot get anything to load which may be because I don’t have it set up correctly…

    So can someone break it down for me please? I’m sorry I have to bug someone for help but I am just so lost I probably have 2 hours just into trying to get this one module to work lol.

    I need to know how to configure the calendar mainly then I think I can stumble my way through setting up the view/scene but am open to help there too if anyone is feeling generous!

    Thank you so much!

  • Module Developer

    start from here :
    change ical url to yours. Then put the codes in your config.js. Let’s see what happens on execution MagicMirror. If works, add or change more setup with wiki.

  • @Sean said in Help with configuring MMM-CalendarExt2 (NOOB):

    Hello, thank you for the quick response sorry for the late reply.

    I did that (tried before but started over again just to make sure). Fresh install magicmirror confirmed working with other modules. I copy that pasted it into my config.js. Changed the calendar to my calendar saved verified save. Magicmirror will start but nothing shows up (far as calendar the rest of magic mirror is working like it should).

    Thank you!

  • Bump. Not sure why I can’t figure this out.

  • @Till 1st thing, validate that the calendar URL is good. Put it into the browser on the pi.
    It should download the ics file.

    Put it into the default calendar config, just to make sure it shows.

    Then move on to calext2.

    All config info for all modules goes in ~/MagicMirror/config/config.js

    Code for modules goes into a separate folder for each module, inside the MagicMirror/modules foldet

  • @sdetweil Thank you for the help!

    Ok I pasted my calendar code into the web browser and it did download the ics file. I then moved that to the default calendar config.

    So after doing that when I npm start it says Calext 2 “invalid URI”. Its the same url I posted into the web browser and it worked though.

    I have not messed with the calext2 module as of yet because I can’t get it to work. Under my main config file I have the info that was posted above to put into my config with my url for the calendar.

    Thank you for your help so far!

    I am using a weburl from icloud calendar if that matters.

  • @Till change weburl:// to https://

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