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MMM-Zabbix-Alerts not loading

  • I have set up MMM-zabbix-alerts, but I’m not seeing anything on the page, not even a ‘loading’.

    The only line in the browser console that seems relevant is this:

    The resource from “” was blocked due to MIME type (“text/html”) mismatch (X-Content-Type-Options: nosniff).

    Here’s the config block (domain obscured):

                            module: 'mmm-zabbix-alerts',
                            position: 'bottom_left',
                            header: 'Zabbix Alerts',
                            config: {
                                    apiSearch: "",
                                    zbx_user: "mirror", // after creating a user there u can $
                                    zbx_pass: "mirror00", // user a password for the remote u$
                                    listSize: 5,
                                    triggerIds: [ "16753", "16031", "16196", "14251", "16289"$

    Any ideas what might be stopping it loading?


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