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Showing Specific Compliments on Specific Dates (such as Happy Birthday)

  • Re: Is there a way to show specific compliments on specific dates?

    There was an older thread on this where user @ItsMeCobra2006 provided an edit to the compliments.js file that allowed you to provide specific compliments on specifics days, such as ‘Happy Birthday’ on the correct date. This did work well for me, up until the recent 2.10 update, which the Compliments module was updated during this.

    I re-edited the compliments.js file to include the same edits as previously, but can’t seem to get day-specific compliments to show up again. Anyone else have alternate solutions to this?

  • @trawson I’m the one that submitted the compliments changes, but it shouldn’t have affected any date/time selection .

    If u send me the js file and your config/file I will see if I can fix what’s wrong

    Same userid as here, at gmail

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