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MMM-CalendarExt2 view:week show start and end date?

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    Hi all,

    have been searching for this but can’t figure out where to adjust it - I would say, I’m good with config files, bad with css, so I assume it must be there somewhere 🙂

    I have a count:2 view:week config showing start times of each item, but I’d love to see the end date or the duration of each appointment/item showing as well. Where can I add this?

    My second question is about overflow items: is there a way to use the overflowRolling option in the view:week mode? I does show a +1 or +3 right now, hight is limited on my screen, but of course my wife would like to see, what was planned in the evenings.

    Thank you - any hint welcome. It’s not, that I’m not willing to read, but tired of searching and reading the wrong things 🙂

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    MM’s screen is too small to display them as you wish. Week or Month view is a kind of summary or overview.
    You have these options;

    • Filter / sort events to display by priority.
    • Broaden the area by CSS and slotMaxHeight but limited. Because MM has not enough space.

    Or, this is my recommendation.

    • Use other detailed views together like upcoming or daily. They are made for that purpose, especially upcoming view.

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    @Sean Thxs, that helps alot! Thank you!

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