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Default calendar module shows only today’s appointments

  • Re: Calendar module shows only today’s appointments


    I’m still struggling with this which I thought was solved.

    My calendar regularly updates from a locally (and regularly) downloaded .ics file, and shows a school timetable comprising 2-weekly reccuring lessons.

    As the day progresses, rather than the calendar list ‘scrolling’ through lessons, the calendar list slowly empties. Then overnight, the calendar loads all events for the coming day, then repeats the same behaviour.

    I have a second calendar running that does NOT have recurring events and its behaviour is as expected - it always has ten entries which just ‘scroll’ as they come and go.

    Do others still see this issue? Or is it something specific to my configuration do you think?

  • @castletonroad there have been lots of problems with recurring events, daily savings, time zones,
    I think it is because we are downlevel on the ical module which does all the parsing…

    but no one has had the time to find any fixes and submit a change request

  • Module Developer

    I gave up on the default calendar long ago. I went to CalendarExt2.

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