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  • Module Developer

    Recently, I changed my car to Volvo, so I need this. 🙂


    MM plugin for Volvo car status with VOC



    • This module uses unofficial and not-well-supported methods to retrieve sensitive information of the car.
    • I have no legal right or duty for data and module’s working. All responsibility for using is on yours.
    • This module may not work at any time without any notice.
    • For safety, I will not implement any remote-controllable features on this module. (like heater on, engine start, door unlock, or anything)
    • I have only one vehicle to test, so the test might be not enough. There could be the possibility of bugs on having more than one car, and locale issue by language or location.

  • @Sean is this using OBD II? I was thinking of looking for similar modules - something to tell me how much fuel is left in the car. How do you get OBD to communicate to the mirror?

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