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Just starting my build! Questions

  • Hello! Name is Nick and there’s more about me in the introduction thread 😂 I had my spare Asus VE248H monitor with speakers, and I had been eyeing smart mirrors for a while, so I decided to build my own when I saw a DIY video with a google assistant!

    So I’m going with a Pi 3B and google Voice kit for now, but I have so many ideas for future iterations of a magic mirror in my smart home stuff. My questions are more for future builds, as I’m going to keep it simple for my first run;
    Touch Foil- Id like to do a smart mirror in my living room with controls for my house, my question is if I build a mirror where the screen is smaller than the entire mirror, can I use a touch foil like a laptop mousepad? And I’ve read conflicting things on wether or not they actually work behind the mirror, can anyone provide clarity?

    Also, I was wondering about power consumption. Is it worth installing a sonoff switch inline for just the monitor and leave the pi powered? I would be able to toggle the monitor with google voice, no?

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    As far as the monitor power, there’s lots of different ways to do it. Most of them involve the module “MMM-Remote-Control” check that one out.

    I now have a button to turn off the monitor if I’m present but don’t want it on, and the monitor is on a Apple Homekit switch that turns off when I leave the office (Lock the door, and the lights and monitor turn off via Homekit)

  • @BKeyport
    Yeah! I have been toying with the idea of using my spare smart outlet/switch. I’m going to keep the pi running near constantly for the google assistant function, but the monitor I would like to be able to wake or sleep with voice, ideally fading in and out, but my easiest option seems to be the switch

  • The other idea I had was toying with the sleep function on the pi itself, if there was a way to have the google assistant be able to wake it. I’m sure it’s possible but I just don’t know how to do it 😂

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    this just made me laugh, I found that on google

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