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Adding Multiple Calendars

  • Hello,
    I can’t seem to get 2 calendars working.
    I added my google calendars which works fine, but I want to add the default US-Holidays calendar back in and it won’t load it. I have tried searching online, and copying other’s code, but I don’t know what is wrong.
    Here is the code:

    			module: "calendar",
    			header: "Calendar",
    			position: "top_left",
    			config: {
    				calendars: [
    						symbol: "calendar-check",
    						url: "",		
    						symbol: "calendar-check",
    						url: "webcal://",					

    Thanks for reading.

  • Module Developer

    @reachforthestars said in Adding Multiple Calendars:


    I don’t know it’s right solution, but,
    Worthy to try to change webcall:// to http://.

  • @reachforthestars the default calendar has been generating errors lately cause the data changed

    to fix in the short term

    edit MagicMirror/node_modules/rrule/dist/es5/rrule.js

    insert the two lines shown below

                case 'BYEASTER':
                    options.byeaster = Number(value);
                case '':                                        // add this
                    break;                                      // add this

    also, the calendar file has duplicate entries so u will see 2 entries for all events

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