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  • Module Developer


    MagicMirror module for universal touch gesture commander using touchscreen



    • Multi-fingers supported. (If your touchpanel or touchframe would support.)
      • Example : TAP_1(tapping with 1 finger), SWIPE_LEFT_2(swiping left with 2 fingers), PINCH_IN_3(pinching-in with 3 fingers)
      • For ROTATE_CW and ROTATE_CCW, only 2 fingers are recognizable. (sorry, I’m not good at math.)
    • Available commands :
      • Emitting custom notification
      • Executing shell script/command directly
      • Executing method of module(s)
      • Usual JavaScript codes
    • Different gestures and commands with mode by condition.
    • Dynamic configuration : Other module easily add gestureCommand for itself by notification

  • Aha interesting Sean
    Will be trying it with

  • I need to upgrade the c code to at least catch two hands 🙂

  • Module Developer

    @dvbit intersting trial. this module can capture only one touch point also. I think u might need to emit “touch” events instead of “mouse” events.( but common onclick and onrelease event will be compatible)

  • @Sean Uhm .If I understand your touch plugin intercepts “tap” events in the OS.
    If that is the case I have to find a way to simulate those in my C program.
    Currently the program uses the X11 simulation functions to emit fake clicks and movement events
    Is this the case?
    It is really a pity that all kinect libraries of projects such as openni are really old as it is hard to find documentation. harder updated documentation.
    Ideally the kinect would have a “Tuio” driver for X server so mecoming for all intent and purposes a multi touch device.
    I have tried to revive that too before this was developed.
    I will give it a new try.

  • Module Developer

    i used default touch events of browser.(IE and Safari doesn’t support but we are commonly use electron-chromium)

    I don’t know anything about kinnect library, so i don’t know whether your code can emit specific event. anyway if possible, it can be used together.

  • @Sean Ok. I think that then if it intercepts browser touch events it will be really possible.

    Right now I am trying to compile tuiokinect 🙂
    That would add full multitouch air gestures… so would be really fantastic with your plugin 😉

  • @Sean Hi, I’d like to get this module working with a HyperPixel4 touchscreen. Unfortunately I obtain an error when changing modes that stops the module from working. Is this the correct place to post to obtain help?
    Also, I have a degree in applied maths. Perhaps I can help with the rotation maths?
    Many thanks.

  • Module Developer

    What kind of error did you meet? Post a issue on github repository with more detailed information. I’ll inspect.

  • @Sean Thank you for sharing this great module.
    I am not very good at programming, but playing around a little helped me understand.
    However I am wondering if it is possible to create more buttons?
    Is there a way to modify the code (if necessary just quick and dirty) or do you think I can run multiple instances at the same time?

    And one more question: is it possible to change the displayed name to an icon?

    Thanks a lot.

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