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Snow amount on weather forecast

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    Re: Weather Forecast Snow Amounts
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    before you duplicate the rain amount put above this code

    var winter = moment().format('MM');
        	    if ((winter > = '01' && winter < = '03') || (winter > = '11' && winter < = '12')) { // snow amount show only in winter months
    			if (this.config.showSnowAmount) {
    				var snowCell = document.createElement("td");
    				if (isNaN(forecast.snow)) {
    					snowCell.innerHTML = "no snow";
    				} else {
    					if(config.units !== "imperial") {
    						snowCell.innerHTML = parseFloat(forecast.snow).toFixed(1).replace(".", this.config.decimalSymbol) + " mm";
    					} else {
    						snowCell.innerHTML = (parseFloat(forecast.snow) / 25.4).toFixed(2).replace(".", this.config.decimalSymbol) + " in";
    				snowCell.className = "align-right xsmall snow";

    on processWeather you add:

    	day: day,
    	icon: this.config.iconTable[[0].icon],
    	maxTemp: this.roundValue(forecast.temp.max),
    	minTemp: this.roundValue(forecast.temp.min),
    	rain: this.processRain(forecast, data.list),
    	snow: this.processSnow(forecast, data.list) // snow amount

    then after processRain you add processSnow:

    processSnow: function(forecast, allForecasts) {
    		//If the amount of snow actually is a number, return it
    		if (!isNaN(forecast.snow)) {
    			return forecast.snow;
    	//Find all forecasts that is for the same day
    	var checkDateTime = (!!forecast.dt_txt) ? moment(forecast.dt_txt, "YYYY-MM-DD hh:mm:ss") : moment(forecast.dt, "X");
    	var daysForecasts = allForecasts.filter(function(item) {
    		var itemDateTime = (!!item.dt_txt) ? moment(item.dt_txt, "YYYY-MM-DD hh:mm:ss") : moment(item.dt, "X");
    		return itemDateTime.isSame(checkDateTime, "day") && item.snow instanceof Object;
    	//If no snow this day return undefined so it wont be displayed for this day
    	if (daysForecasts.length == 0) {
    		return undefined;
    	//Summarize all the snow from the matching days
    	return {
    		return Object.values(item.snow)[0];
    	}).reduce(function(a, b) {
    		return a + b;
    	}, 0);

    also on defaults you can add:

    showSnowAmount: true, // only for winter months


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    @hango Please answer in the question thread instead of creating a new one.

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    @broberg OK

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    @hango nevertheless, easier to keep things in one thread. That questions is there so one don’t accidentally brings up a dead thread.

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