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Problem with googleshoppinglist

  • Hi.

    I got a problem with the googleshoppinglist module on my magicmirror. It just says “loading” but all the other modules work so it’s not a problem with my internet… I have items in my Prime list since that is the list that will show. My code looks like:

      module: "MMM-GoogleShoppingList",
      position: "top_right",
      header: "My Shopping List",
      config: {
        creds: {
          email: "",
          password: "",
        scanInterval: 1000*60,
        displayImage: false //if you set, you can get image of items. but very ugly. I don't recommend.

    My creds are in the MMM-GoogleShoppingList.js but I have tried putting them in config.js too but nothing works. Anyone know why?

    Thank you!

  • @chris-uvm never edit the module code.

    Open the developers window, ctrl-shift-i, and then select the console tab and scroll up to see any errors. Usually red text.

    Also, if started w pm2, do pm2 logs to see the console log errors from the node_module

  • Module Developer

    That module is using experimental and unofficial method of screenscrapping. the worst thing is no one(even me as module owner) can predict this module works or not with his account due to Google’s erratic response trial.
    someone with luck will success to use, someone with no luck will fails. No rule or condition as far as I know at this moment.

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