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MMM-Remote-Control & MMM-webradio

  • I’m creating a module for a webradio player HTML5 based.
    To controll the webradio player i’m using MMM-remote-control (awesome module!)

    On a couple bugs here and there i’m almost done but i’m not a real programmer so i’m a bit stuck now.

    what i got so far:

    • radio stations are playing music out of the raspberry pi3
    • Stop playing
    • Start playing
    • Change radio station
    • volume control

    the only thing is that my select box to select radio stations passes the given value, the stations URL and not its option name to the Magic Mirror output screen.

    now i can hack it with a if else then this do that kinda solution but i want to do it clean and i want to learn something out of it.

    So how do i pass/get the value AND name of the selected option to show it on my Magic Mirror output.

    To make my question more clear here’s a screen recording.
    On the left MMM-Remote-Control and right the Magic Mirror v2 output screen.
    i stopped it to fast i see but the last second you see the station name going to undefined.

  • @ramonbovenlander said in MMM-Remote-Control & MMM-webradio:
    I love your idea, just had the same thought to extend the Remote Control with an option to play radio on demand.
    Did you upload your module already somewhere in github ? If yes, could you please share the place ?

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