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iPad 2 IOS 9.3.5 - missing modules

  • Re: MM Shows a plain Black Screen on iOS 9.3.5 device

    I have recently set up MagicMirror on a RPi 3B and all working well. Using browser to Port 8080 works fine from most network connected devices.

    However I want to re-cycle an old iPad 2 & iPad 3 that are limited to IOS 9.3.5, they do work and I get further that just a black screen with some modules working - clock, MMM-Weather-Or-Not, CFenner/netatmo etc but they do have a top line and ‘UNDEFINED’ title even though there is no header in the config.js.

    Others are showing the header and freeze with the text “Loading…”

    I assume that Safari from IOS 9.3.5 is missing some code/libraries that these trying to calling

    Any solutions ?

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    @AidenB have you tried Chrome for iOS?

  • Chrome has the same issue. - (A little tricky to install Chrome - see below)

    Interesting result from the default “weather” module which works with the older browser but default “weatherforecast” does not

    Still search to get modules working with iOS 9.3.5

    (A little tricky to install Chrome, as the App Store direct saying latest version is not compatible with your system.

    Need to downgrade iTunes on a desktop device - so you can access Apps functions no longer available in current versions
    Logon with Apple ID
    Select Chrome and download to desktop

    Then on your iPad
    Select App Store and logon with same Apple ID
    Go to Purchased Apps
    Select Chrome
    It then prompt you to download and older, compatible version)

  • I have found the issue to do with the latest ES6 function not being fully backwards compatible.

    It has been opened as a GitHub issue -

    I will watch the issue for reslolution

  • Module Developer

    Browsers(Chrome/Safari/Firefox) on iOS(in some cases, including Androids also) have been missing some features of nowadays modern javascript (like ES5, ES6, ES7…)

    Electron(chromium) is usually regarded as the main target browser of this MagicMirror, so supporting compatibility for other old/limited browser is not so easy to decide. For example, new features like arrow function, Promise, Set()/Map() could make developers apply better features to their modules easily. But some old/mobile browsers cannot support those features.
    Maybe a good developer can make his module fully compatible with all browsers and platform, but probably codes would be somewhat complex or dirty. Has it worthy? Maybe too. But that effort could not be the duty of a volunteer.

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