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add pdf to magicmirror

  • Hello,

    i wanted add some pdf on my magicmirror but it seems complicate. after some research i found a solution. it works well for me. Here the explication.

    Alternatively, 2JPEG offers advanced solutions for converting PDF to JPG using the command line. The software can be used for converting tons of your documents. It is good enough to be installed on any computer, server or a workstation. Then click Win+R, type command line like you see below and click Enter to run converting PDF file to JPG.

    2jpeg.exe -src “C:\In*.pdf” -dst “C:\Out” -oper Rasterize res:300

    2JPEG will convert files of practically every type including PDF to JPEG. The program is equipped with additional features, for example, it’s possible to place a watermark on images, crop the images, rotate them, etc. Here is the full list of 2JPEG command line features.

  • hello,

    more informations for anyone if i can help.

    here my “test.bat” :
    The first action is to convert pdf to jpg (only page 1 and more options like remove source, rotate,…) on my desktop folder.
    the second to delete files from destination before the third action to copy all files from desktop folder to raspberry

    echo off

    2jpeg.exe -src “*.pdf” -dst “C:\Users\W-7\Desktop\immo” -options pages:“1” overwrite:yes delsrc:yes -oper Rotate angle:180

    echo For more examples please look at:


    del \@IP_Raspberry\Partage2*.* /s /q


    XCOPY C:\Users\W-7\Desktop\immo*jpg \@IP_Raspberry\Partage2 /s /h /Y

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