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Page change with interval

  • Hi, I’m new to MagicMirror. I’m here to install the Page-Selector module. I would like to use “interval” but irregularly. For example, stay on page 1 for 2 min and only 30 seconds on the other pages. How can I do that?
    Thank you for your help and sorry for the bad English.

  • hello,

    for my work with MMM-Pages i have a fix rotatetime (30s). I just repeat lines to have 1min or more. An example :

    [[ “clock” , “calendar” , “News” ], (30 s)
    [ “MMM-EmbedYoutube” , "“Spotify”],
    [ “MMM-EmbedYoutube” , "“Spotify”],
    [ “Lunartic”, “News” ]],
    rotatetime: 30000

  • It’s ingenious.
    However, with Page-Selector, I don’t see how I can do it. I’ll try, thank you.

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