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Turn HDMI on/off problem

  • Hi,
    I know I am going to be flamed for asking this, but here goes…

    I am trying to implement a PIR sensor on a Raspi 4b to turn on the HDMI output when activated. I have read page up and down of this issue and have seen different possible solutions, but nothing that works for me.

    I can use tvservice -o to turn off HDMI just fine. When I use tvservice -p again, the monitor turns on, but remains only with backlight.

    I have read something about adding a resistor on the powercable for the monitor, but have anyone found a solution to this? Is it because I am using a specific monitor or is this a general problem?

    Best regards

  • Module Developer

    you may have to use one of the other methods - every device is a little odd.

  • I found a solution for my monitor SAMSUNG S24F354 using:

    DISPLAY=:0 xset dpms force on
    DISPLAY=:0 xset dpms force off

    This seems to work right now from the shell. Turns the monitor instantly off/on. Last night when trying with the PIR script, it didn’t work however, returning an error when calling shell scripts: the server was lacking dpms. This must be because DPMS was turned off as a part of the MagicMirror configuration.

    I have a fresh install right now and just verified that these commands actually works. Now to get the PIR sensor working with the shell scripts.

  • Module Developer

    If someone want to test, il will try to code it in my pir module

  • @MilkShake dpms is off because u asked to turn off screensaver.

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