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MMM Remote Control no icons

  • Hi all i’m new to this world so bear with me plz,

    I have built en set-up my daughters SM ( she’s 7 so made her a Disney “mirror, Mirror on the Wall” kinda thing.

    I have set up most of the basic stuff, work in progress is;

    • motion sensor
    • voicecontole
    • and the darn MMM remote control

    the last one gives me heaps of trouble, i’ve managed to fix a lot problems by trial and error, using this forum as a guideline.
    There is one thing, picto’s and “sliders” to turn on off stuff on my phone, i havent been able to fix.

    I’ve read and applied all the suggested fixes on the forum.

    everything works but i’m unable to see if a module is on or off on my phone.

    can anyone point me in the right direction, i’m lost atm… not native english (correct my grammer i dont mind, infact it helps)

    thanks in advance

    p.s. new to programming so be gentle

    alt text

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