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Help with Width of ExtCalendar2

  • Hi everyone,

    I know this is a very basic question, but I am not able to resize my ExtCalendar2 Module in the width I need it.

    I positioned it on top_left, but it is still to wide for my vertical screen adjustment.

    Do you know the right CSS command to make this fit into my screen?
    alt text

    Also at the moment I use npm start dev to check for CSS and I do that over the PI interface and it is very slow to work with dev tools over the pi. Is it possible to open the Magic Mirror on another machine in the browser somehow?

  • @clemy sure, make sure address and whitelist in config allow remote system access. I open chrome on my windows box in dev mode
    Note that this sends ANOTHER set of requests down to any module node helpers and all node_helper responses go to all browsers at once…

  • Module Developer

    default top_left is too narrow to show month/width view.

  • Module Developer

    It needs some enough width to show informations. As your picture shows, even in that picture the title of event has only 3-4chars meaniglessly. Use another region. Or use 4K screen.

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