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Trying to reuse an auth cookie from Chromium with Electron

  • I have a scenario I’m trying to enable, and wondering if anyone here can help.

    I have a grafana chart from home assistant that has auth on it (and I’d like to keep auth on it if I can). I am trying to bring it into magic mirror via iframe, and when I browse to the IP from a browser on another machine it looks and works great (that I’ve authenticated into due to cookies). On my magic mirror however, even if I launch the site in Chromium on a raspberry pi, I don’t see the content. I’m suspecting it’s a 401 in the iframe and I’m just not seeing it.

    What I’d like to do is either get electron to use the cookies that Chromium set, or to possibly switch to Chromium entirely for the ‘shell’. Or any other solution where I can somehow get this to work. Any ideas? If someone wants more explanation I can break more things down, but I think if someone has tried to iframe an authenticated site this may make sense right off (I imagine if I tried say facebook or even this forum in an iframe I’d hit the similar issue)

  • @Jfarro what mm version are u running? And how did u install?

    If the package.json says


    Then add to config.js


    After the address: line, and before modules: line
    This will start mm by using chromium browser instead of electron.

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