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Alternative for request package/library

  • Hi all,
    I was thinking of developing a new module which would require some OAuth calls to a RESTfull API.
    I see most module so far use the “request” package for this.
    Since the request package/library is deprecated, it would make no sense to start a new module with this package, only to have to update it within a few months.

    What would be the best alternative to request, to get started with a new module?

    Thx in advance.

  • @Miller the nodejs library for request mentions an issue to find possible alternatives

    seems Axios gets many mentions…

    just because its depricated doesn’t mean it doesn’t work… just won’t work sometime in the future…
    as mentioned in the discussion of the issue, some large company tools/products use request and won’t be changing anytime soon…

  • @sdetweil Thank you for your answer.

    I’ve seen Axios gets many mentions indeed, also got seems to have something going

    I was hoping, maybe someone else had encountered a similar dilemma already, and would gladly follow the path the majority of developers would take. Makes little sense if every new/modified module uses another package I would think.

    Maybe I will just start with request anyway (many examples) or give Axios a try.

  • Module Developer

    Already I’m slowly moving my modules to use Axios and http(s) instead of request. But many legacy node modules are still using request.

  • @Sean thank you for your input

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