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Doorbird IP camera integration

  • Hi,
    I used the MMM-Notification-Trigger to wake up the screen and display an alert when it receives the PLAY_SOUND event.


  • @MilkShake
    Could you post your conf ?

  • You have to have AMk2 and the screen Addon by Bugsounet.

    But basicly, I used the https string you gave me for the HTTP call to MMM-Sounds. That triggers the event PLAY_SOUND which can be picked up by MMM-Notification-Trigger:

          module: "MMM-NotificationTrigger",
          config: {
                trigger: "PLAY_SOUND",
                fires: [
    //wakes up the screen using the screen addon
                    payload: function(payload) {
                      return false
                    payload: function(payload) {
                      return {
                        type: "notification",
                        title: "Porten",
                        message: "Der er nogen ved porten!",
                        timer: 1000

    I’m struggling a bit with the multiple fires within one trigger, but I had it working at a certain point 🙂

  • Hello,

    If have an Doorbord as well - and I want to integrate it to the Magicmirror. Can you maybe give me some help to get this running? I am quite new to all this things.
    Which module are you using?
    Does your mirror wake up when somebody is ringing? (Is your screen shutting off?)
    And if nobody is ringing you cant see it right?

    Thanks for your help.

  • @MilkShake Can you give me assistance to get my doorbird working?

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