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MMM-RTSPStream config.html refused to connect

  • I’m just installing MMM-RTSPStream for the first time. I installed it as root (sudo su -). Got it all installed as per the instructions in the repository and now ready to use config.html. When I point my browser to it: html:// my browser returns:
    This site can’t be reached10.10.10.59 refused to connect.

    Checking the connection
    Checking the proxy and the firewall

    The Pi that MagicMirror is running on is local to my network so this is not a firewall issue. I think something in the configuration needs to have some file changed from root to a user access ability but I don’t know enough to know which file. Your help will be greatly appreciated. Glenn.

  • @stampeder in config.js


  • Sam:
    IT WORKS!! You are my new hero…
    Your gradually (learning me) how to use this… ( I live in East Texas, what can I say).
    I really appreciate the help. Now I can move forward on my security cameras.

    Thanks again.

  • Got the config page working and the stream frame showing on MagicMirror but no streaming video. I’m using a Foscam camera which encodes the stream as ffmpeg.
    I have six of these running in Zoneminder and the TCP video stream is called with this command:
    I get the module to outline a frame but the contents just show a grey background.
    Here is my config for the module:
    module: “MMM-RTSPStream”,
    position: “top_right”,
    header: “Box Stalls”,
    config: {
    autoStart: true,
    rotateStreams: false,
    rotateStreamTimeout: 10,
    moduleWidth: 354,
    moduleHeight: 240,
    localPlayer: ‘ffmpeg’,
    remotePlayer: ‘ffmpeg’,
    showSnapWhenPaused: true,
    remoteSnaps: true,
    shutdownDelay: 12,
    stream1: {
    name: ‘Boxstall’,
    url: ‘10.10.XX.XXX:8081/videostream.asf?user=USERID&pwd=USERPWD’,
    frameRate: ‘undefined’,
    hdUrl: ‘10.10.XX.XXX:8081/videostream.asf?user=USERID&pwd=USERPWD’,
    snapshotType: ‘url’,
    width: 354,
    height: 240,
    ffmpegPort: 9999,

    I hope someone can point out what I am doing wrong. I think I am close to having this working.

  • Project Sponsor

    @stampeder is it an rtsp-stream? Did you try to reach the stream with the full URL using “rtsp://10.10…”? Did you try with omxplayer or VNC?

    Greets, Shadow

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