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NEED HELP with a few different Modules , (MMM- remote control , PIR Sensor , Adding on demand Video to MM via Youtube. )

  • I have been trying to get a few of these modules to work.
    #1 the MMM-Remote-Control , for controlling your MM from an app on your cell phone.

    I have git cloned the install , npm installed the module. and added the script to the Config file.
    If there is someone that could please just walk me through the complete steps i would greatly appreciate this.

    In addition to this module i have also been trying to figure out the PIR Sensor Module. I have not completed something . I have wired up the PIR Sensor to my RP3b and have done the Git Clone , along with adding the scripts , however i feel that just as the other modules that i’m confused about . i am not completing something correctly…
    Please help .

    My email is as follows .

    thank you.

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