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Showcasing my old mirror

  • Hi all!

    At the time of writing, my mirror is 4,5 years old. I started with this project in July 2015, and finished the first version of the Magic Mirror in October 2015.
    After many years I have finally been able to put the build of this mirror online, after I set up my own server and website. You can find my first blogpost here!

    The build is split into two posts (as my first attempt on building the mirror didn’t really work out). Link is available in the first blogpost, or directly through here. On my website you can also find a link to a webinstance of my Magic Mirror, which is actually hosted on the mirror itself 🙂 . Note that this in fact is a separate instance of the mirror, to prevent disclosing too much private information directly to the internet.

    I am planning to write at least 1 more blogpost, as my mirror has had a few upgrades through the years.
    All in all, I am very happy with it and I am a bit proud of the fact that this has been working for almost 5 years now! 😮 .



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    @Jessendelft It is quite fun reading your blog post and glad you worked it out. Curious to see the upgrades you made over the years!

  • Thank you @Fozi 🙂 .

    I have just posted the third (and most likely last) part of my Magic Mirror adventures!
    It can be found here.

    This one is quite long, so happy reading.


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    … (and most likely last) part of my Magic Mirror adventures!
    No, I doubt!😊

    The cooling system is quite interesting!

  • Hi Fozi,

    Thanks, it was quite interesting to see the drop in temperature, basically just by moving the Pi to to the bottom.
    Physics in action! 🙂

    For those of you who haven’t seen the (entire) story, but still want to have a look at the mirror which is in my home:
    A quick picture


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