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Magic Mirror 2 build with AIY Google voice kit 2.

  • This is a project I’ve been working on and off for a few years now. I’d bought a raspberry pi 3b+ some 2-3 years ago and set it up for magic mirror. At that time, however, I didn’t have the proper know how/resources to build the frame.

    Fast forward to today, due to the rona virus lockdown, I finally got around to build my frame.

    I found online, some dude had a AIY google voice kit installed so that it has Google Asistant built in. He mentions the newer model voice kit 2 is now in the market and the only difference is the mic is now integrated and the process would be still the same.

    Naively, I purchased a google AIY voice kit 2. When the box came, it said it was only compatible with Raspberry Pi Zero w. And it was included in the kit. I’ve read forums and pretty much all of them said it was possible to install mirror 2 on raspberry pi zero but it is a difficult task and the mirror would be slow.

    My question to all the internet is 2 parts.

    1. Can I use the AIY VOICE KIT 2 with raspberry pi 3b+ instead of the pi zero w?

    2. What’s the difference between using the voice kit vs installing google assistant without it? ( )

    Also, I’m a complete beginner and know no coding. All I can do is follow instructions and copy pasta from the internet.

    Thank you all in advance.

  • Module Developer

    @doeadeer said in Magic Mirror 2 build with AIY Google voice kit 2.:

    All I can do is follow instructions and copy pasta from the internet.

    “Pasta producers hate this trick!”

    Sorry couldn’t resist

  • Hi @doeadeer,

    I currently have the AIY Google voice kit v1, and looking at the pictures of the module you connect to the raspberry 3 in v1 and the raspberry 0 in v2 it seems to me that they are the same.
    You just have to try to install the module on your raspberry 3, but think about installing the AIY google voice kit software of v1 😉
    Link :
    For information the AIY voice kit v1 was suspended from the market because many people reproached him that everything was not in the kit because it was necessary to buy a raspberry 3. So they opted for a raspberry 0 because it’s the cheapest of all.
    But if you already had a raspberry 3 you would have had to do some research before spending 100$… indeed you can find the AIY voice kit for 40$ on aliexpress…

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  • @CreatibOfficiel

    Thank you for the prompt reply.

    The link you provided above from github takes me to a page where I can download the img and flash it to my clean sd card. Is that all I have to do or are there more steps to it? In other words, do I have to go to the google aiy download page and download that too? Or some other steps that I’m not aware of?

    Sorry for sounding such a noob but I am completely new to this. All I’ve managed so far is to make the mirror frame and buy the acrylic mirror. The rasbian I installed a few years ago seem to have gone out of date as well.

    Any help would be appreciated.

  • @lavolp3

    Should’a seen that coming. lol.

  • @doeadeer , No problem,
    your raspberry 3 will do the job for the google assistant project and the mirror, don’t worry.
    For the download just click on the file aiyprojects-2019-11-13.img.xz and flash it on an sd card (remember to format it in FAT32 before).
    Afterwards I leave you to look for tutorials to install the different programs (google wizard, magicmirror, etc.)
    Hoping that everything will go well 😉


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