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Send socket notification to node helper on click?

  • Hi everyone,
    I’m thinking on writing a module to control my smart switches. What I’d like to achieve is to have a few “toggles” on a module, which I could click (I have a touchscreen). On click, it would send a socket notification to the node helper, that would do the magic (call the switch’s rest api).

    However, I cannot yet figure out, how to bind sendsocketnotification to an image’s onclick event - as I’m not a FE developer, just some guy who likes to play with stuff 🙂

    Can you guys help a little? If someone could point me to a module that does something similar, that would help as well.

  • Module Developer


    imgObj.onclick = ()=> {
      this.sendSocketNotification("CLICKED", somePayload)

    I think you might have some confusing with using this. If you are using ES6 style arrow function, you can easily bind.

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