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Door sensors...

  • Hy guys!!
    I would like to check the closing of some doors in the house.
    Can you advise me which sensor to buy?

    In addition to the sensor, could you indicate a module compatible with the recommended sensor?

    Thanks as always to everyone!!

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    @Egnos I have the Homematic system running which allows not only to check various sensors for doors, windows, temperatures, etc. but to control also actors for lights, shutters, blinds, heating valves and so on. It works really reliable and stable for 3 years now.

  • Hi @Fozi thanks for your reply.

    Is Homematic system an expensive system?
    I saw that, in addition to the various accessories, a Gateway is needed …

    Do you use this module to view information?

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    @Egnos Well, I find the price is reasonable. At the time we built our house (4 years ago) sensors and actors for HomeKit accessories were not available, except for switching some outlets or similar. We wanted to retrofit a wireless home automation system, which works reliable and is flexible. Thus, the decision fell on Homematic. There are a few good platforms (open source) to combine various systems with each other, e.g. ioBroker (which I use) or openHub.

    And yes, MMM-Homematic is the module I have on the mirror.

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