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Calendar absolute and time format not changing

  • Hey all. I am hoping someone can shed some light on calendar event time display for the default calendar module. I have pasted the code below and while I can get the events to show an absolute date, that is as far as I can get. changing dateFormat seems to do nothing. I have referenced Moment.js as noted in the documentation.

    Maybe there is something fundamental I am not understanding? What I want, is to see the day of the week and the time for an event. For example: NameOfEvent Tue April 28th 10:00 AM

    Here is the code, with some redaction on the ical address.

    			module: "calendar",
    			header: "Family Calendar",
    			position: "top_left",
    			config: {
    				maximumNumberOfDays: 21,
    				getRelative: 0,
    				urgency: 0,
    				timeFormat: "absolute",
    				dateFromat: "ddd MMM Do HH:mm",
    				calendars: [
    						symbol: "calendar",
    						url: ""

    But this results in the following display:

    Despite get relative being set to 0, it is still showing the closest event as relative and the following are dates only. Any thoughts?

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