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mmm-Remote-Control issues

  • Hello, I’m having difficulty getting access. I have changed the config.js file multiple times to no affect. All the things I have read talk about IP addresses in the 192 range, but all mine are I have added the IPs of my phone and laptop to the config but it just doesn’t work. Here are the settings currently:

    var config = {
    	//address: "localhost", // Address to listen on, can be:
    address: "",
    	                      // - "localhost", "", "::1" to listen on loopback interface
    	                      // - another specific IPv4/6 to listen on a specific interface
    	                      // - "", "::" to listen on any interface
    	                      // Default, when address config is left out or empty, is "localhost"
    	port: 8080,
    	ipWhitelist: ["::fff:", "::fff:", "::fff:", "::fff:", "", "::ffff:", "::1"], // Set [] to allow all IP addresses
    	                                                       // or add a specific IPv4 of :
    	                                                       // ["", "::ffff:", "::1", "::ffff:"],
    	                                                       // or IPv4 range of --> use CIDR format :
    	                                                       // ["", "::ffff:", "::1", "::ffff:"],

    and here is the module in my config.js file:

            module: 'MMM-Remote-Control',
            // uncomment the following line to show the URL of the remote control on the mirror
            position: 'bottom_left',
            // you can hide this module afterwards from the remote control itself
            config: {
            //customCommand: {},  // Optional, See "Using Custom Commands" below
            //customMenu: "custom_menu.json", // Optional, See "Custom Menu Items" below
            //showModuleApiMenu: true, // Optional, Enable the Module Controls menu
            apiKey: "",         // Optional, See API/ for details

  • @mrlowndes remove everything from the ipWhitelist

  • @sdetweil so the whitelist doesn’t work?

  • @mrlowndes it does, but 1st thing is to get connected

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