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Hourly weather forecast

  • Hey, I know that providers are dropping API support like dead flies but I’m wondering if there are any weather modules that do good hourly forecasts? Looked at MM-NOAA3 but it doesn’t seem to do hourly

  • Module Developer for every 3 hours

    is a clone of default weatherforecast module with endpoint to “forecast” instead to “forecast/dayly”
    You can use the default module with this endpoint but you must make some modification in js file:

    forecastEndpoint: "forecast",
    day = moment(forecast.dt_txt, "YYYY-MM-DD hh:mm:ss").format("HH:mm");

  • @hango cool. Sorry, I’m a noob. When you say make modification in js file, do you mean the config.js, or the js file for the module?

  • @hango ok got it working, do you know how I would remove temperature?

  • @hango Also, it is currently 13:14 and the first time in the hourly forecast is 21:00 - how do I shift it to show the 6 hours immediately after this current time? I also don’t need min and max temperature for each hour so I would like to remove those to de-clutter the space. Any tips?

  • Module Developer

    Above modification you made in module js unless you want to use my modified module.

    For the rest of module configuration you can make changes in config.js, including removing temperature scale, rain (or snow amount). The hourly forecast is for every 3 fixed sharp hours, not shifting at current time. Min & max temp are shown by default. Why do you want to hide them? Only to show the hour and icon?

  • @hango I make wildlife documentaries so knowing what hour the weather is going to change from sunny to overcast, for example, would be really useful. Every 3 hours is much less useful, especially if it’s only showing my the weather every three hours after the sun has set. I can’t think of anyone would need the min and max temp hourly. Generally, the temperature on any given day reaches it’s peak 2-3 hours after the sun has reached its zenith, and its coolest sometime just before dawn. Therefore a min and max temp for the day will suffice for 99% of users.

  • Module Developer

    Yah, this is how the data is push from openweather server

  • @hango Hi, How do i change it to 12hr time instead of 24hr time?

  • Module Developer

    In js file instead format(“H”) put format(“h”)

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