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LVDS controller cable

  • Hello, thank you to accept me in this forum,
    I start to work with LDSV controller but i have an issue.
    I bought a controller PCB800099 V0.9 who are normally compatible with screen HSD100IFW1 - A0 but my screen are little different HSD100IFW1 - F01
    The only difference i found it’s about two pins on connector. (28 and 30).
    Do you knwo if it’s possible to modify the cable for work ?



    Cable shema
    schema cable.jpg

    Thank you for your help.

  • I am not really sure how correct I am but it looks to me that those pins are for the LED backlight of the LCD panel. As far as I can see the LCD controller board doesn’t have an in-build LED driver. VDD and V(LED_EN) are both 3.3V. Maybe combine those pins with pin 2 and 3 and see what happens.

    Of course there is always a risk of frying your panel so I am not taking any responsibility! It’s just a suggestion of what you could try to do. Please report once you got it to work.

  • @MadScientist I tried but screen just flickering (screen flash blank)
    I have a good power 4A, not easy , but it’s better before there was nothing 🙂

  • @Daiki Do you have an extra LED driver for LCDs? You could take the connections from there. Kinda like in this picture:


  • Yes i have on the controller it’s use with 5V 😕
    on the picture below the power supply for led are connected on item 9
    Annotation 2020-05-10 005056.jpg

  • Maybe try a MOSFET to get 3.3V. However, I am not very confident that would work. I don’t understand why it didn’t work when you combined the pins 28 and 30 with 2 and 3.
    What happens when you only put 3.3V on pin 30, leaving 28 (VDD) disconnected? And what happens if you reverse it (28 = 3.3V, 30 = 0V)?

    Maybe somebody else with more experiences with LCDs could join the conversation?

  • hello sorry for my late answer, i think i will leave it , put alll in a bag and put in trash , too much problem for a small thing.
    Thank you to help me 😉

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