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[npm library] @bugsounet/internet

  • Module Developer


    I created this library if you want to check internet connexion in your module.
    This library is very simplified and ready for use in your node_helper.js

    This library is used in MMM-Assistant2Display

    single node routine for checking internet status


    npm install @bugsounet/internet

    Sample with pir contructor

    const Internet = require("@bugsounet/internet")
    this.config = {
      delay: 10 * 1000,
      scan: "",
      command: "pm2 restart 0",
      showAlert: true
    var debug = true
    this.internet = new Internet(this.config, callback, debug)
    setTimeout(() => { this.internet.stop() } , 60 * 1000)
    function callback(status, value) {
      if (status == "INTERNET_PING") console.log ("Ping:", value)
      if (status == "INTERNET_DOWN") console.log ("Conexion lost... Retry:", value)
      if (status == "INTERNET_RESTART") console.log ("Internet is back")

    constructor of internet

    internet(internetConfig, callback, debug)

    internetConfig {}
    • delay - set the interval for internet checking.
    • scan - ping point name or address.
    • command - command to execute when internet afresh available
    • showAlert - send a callback Alert about internet connection lost and available
    callback (status,value)
    • INTERNET_PING - return current ping with value
    • INTERNET_DOWN - return internet down status with number of retry in value
    • INTERNET_RESTART- return internet available status

    INTERNET_DOWN and INTERNET_RESTART will be sended only if showAlert feature is enable


    if you want debuging information, just set to true


    • start() : start internet scan
    • stop() : force stop scan

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    Wow. You’ve been busy.

  • Module Developer

    it’s just my personal npm libraries 🙂

    I have 3 more … but i have to Make readme file (too lazy actually) :p

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