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ASUS Router App Info

  • So I am new to all this…working on my first MM…I assume this is where we post requests for “I’d love a module that does X…”

    Does anyone know if anyone has developed a module that pulls specific status info from their wireless router?

    I would to add a module that has this info similar to what the ASUS app displays…(

    Specifically I’d be interested in: 1. Network Status 2. # of Devices 3. firmware Updates Available? 4. Signal Strength of each network (icon)


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    @Deckard99 - Hopefully, ASUS has enabled an API on their products and not just a mobile CSS for their usual administration interface. I couldn’t find a developer link on their website but I’m sure a little searching around should let you know if they allow/encourage integration with their products.

    If they just have a mobile skin on their UI, then you’ll probably have to handle authentication with the router and then scrape the status page to determine the information that you’re looking for.

  • would this ()link text help, it’s not the same router as mine but same idea I guess…

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