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Display Current Cast

  • I am really new to this, so I am sorry that I sound like a idiot.

    What I am trying to achieve is that if I cast a youtube video, magic mirror will show what I am casting.
    Like this (Picture is from MMM-GoogleCast, it’s not mine.)
    Picture from MMM-GoogleCast

    The reason why I do this is that I want to hide the cast video actually, but left the audio to use it as a music player. (I know it sounds weird, but yeah…)

    The casting part is easy, I can simply achieve that by using MMM-Screencast, but I can’t seems to find any module that has the feature of showing current cast or current playing youtube video.

    The closest I can find is GoogleCast, but it it for GoogleCast devices.

    Is there any module that I happen to miss has the feature that I am looking for, or is there anyway to alter MMM-Screencast.

    I appreciate any kind of help, and thank you 🙂

  • Module Developer

    weird of course …

    I wrote an npm code for casting and i use it in Assistant2Display module

    So I can tell you that this is impossible to do (to my knowledge)
    the cast returns a +/- link identical to a video link like youtube, and cannot be played as a simple sound file

  • Got it.

    Thank you very much.

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