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Only some modules freeze up at times

  • I have the NowPlayingOnSpotify module installed and sometimes it freezes up but everything else works perfectly fine. Is there a fix for this?

    Edit: Same thing for MMM-Remote-Control, sometimes I can’t access the website for 15-30 seconds and then everything goes back to normal.

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    If you’re using a Pi, no. The Pi is limited and can only do so much. PLUS what other modules are you running at the same time that use up the CPU?

  • I have phone_notification, NowPlayingOnSpotify, MMM-Remote-Control, calendar, clock, currentweather, weatherforecast, newsfeed. My guess is that phone_notification might be taking up the most CPU.

    Is it normal though that the default modules (like clock) don’t freeze but some others don’t?

  • @BurgerLoverMx I don’t get the last sentences dont but don’t?

    The debug process is to disable all the non default modules, and add one at a time

    Think u find it, then make that one the only non default module and see what happens.

    We r all volunteers here. Just users like you

  • @sdetweil Yeh I messed up my sentence, my bad haha. I meant to say the default modules don’t freeze but the others do.

  • @BurgerLoverMx there are all kinds of combinations that might freeze…

    some were written long ago, before many of the new node and javascript features to minimize cpu usage
    (promises and async) I have one module that has been thru all three lifetimes… over 4 years,

    some don’t handle errors well, (or at all)

    and some have conflicting requirements.

    and os and hardware levels matter too…

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