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MagicMirror shutting down automatically

  • Hi all techies,

    I am experiencing issue with my MagicMirror installation after installing some modules.
    here is the error message which shows in last when i run ./ script and i am not sure why this error started occuring, what wrong i performed:
    [ERROR] (node:22688) [DEP0066] DeprecationWarning: OutgoingMessage.prototype._headers is deprecated

    Can anyone help to fix the issues?

    Thank You!!

  • @HK so, I would look thru tall the modules and dependencies to try to find where it is used

    cd ~ 
    find  MagicMirror -name \*.js | xargs grep OutgoingMessage\._headers 2>/dev/null

    I find a bunch of modules using OutgoingMessage.setHeader

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