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Full Body Mirror Glass Question

  • All,

    I’ve been looking into building a full body magic mirror with my 42” tv and a surface running Linux. Anyone have any experience getting the appropriate glass for such a large mirror?

    I’ve looked at them online and it seems like that large of glass is rather expensive and some sites vary on size.

    I’ve also looked at the benefits and drawbacks to acrylic and glass and it sounds like glass is the way to go. Film seems to be iffy as some say it’s hard to apply or is not transparent enough.

    Was curious if anyone had made one and had recommendations!

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    Yes, I have and yes, it’s expensive. @twowaymirrors sold me a custom sheet of mirror glass that was 13" x 84" x 1/4". They had to build a custom crate for it too. But if anyone can do it, they can.

    Link to mirror.

  • @bhepler

    Oh you’re the guy with the sick three screened office mirror! I saw that a few months back, great stuff man!

    Damn… they were the main company I was trying to hide from it was so expensive 😂 glad I was on the right track, thanks for letting me know the size you used!

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