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  • Does anybody else have problems with the mvgmunich Module? I don’t know since when exactly it doesn’t show any informations any more, but it is been more than half a year and I wanted to finally fix the issue. I reinstalled it today but still nothing showing, only the header “MVG Munich” but no departures. This is my config:

      module: "mvgmunich",
      position: "bottom_left",
      header: "MVG",
        config: {
          haltestelle: "Studentenstadt",
          maxEntries: 10,             // 10 items on screen
          updateIntervall: 60000,      // 60 s
          showIcons: true,            // Show transport type icon
          transportTypesToShow: {
            "ubahn": true,            // show ubahn route
            "sbahn": false,            // show sbahn route
            "bus": false,              // show bus route
            "tram": false,              // show tram route
          ignoreStations: [],         // destination not to be shown
          timeToWalk: 0,             // 10 min walking time to station. Default is 0
          showWalkingTime: false,     // if the walking time should be included and the starting time is displayed
          showTrainDepartureTime: true,     // show tran departure time
          trainDepartureTimeFormat: "relative",   // format of the train departure time
          walkingTimeFormat: "relative",    // format of the walking time
          showInterruptions: false,
          showInterruptionsDetails: false,
          countInterruptionsAsItemShown: false

    Thanks in advance for the help

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    @Leon-tech I tried it also about 6 months ago and at that time it was unfortunately too unreliable, although I liked its style. In the search for an alternative I found MMM-PublicTransportHafas and never looked back.

  • @Fozi Wow this worked flawlessly for me. Thank you sooo much, this module ist perfect 😃

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    @Leon-tech you‘re welcome and good luck with MVV and MVG😀

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    @Leon-tech i think it is an known issue of the default config from the modul, take a look at this post:

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