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Replace LCD control board component?

  • I was trying to check the voltages on some of the components of my LCD Control board, and being the clueless beginner I am, placed my multimeter contacts across two prongs on a certain component. I heard a small “pop”, then the power started flickering rapidly and won’t work now. I’m guessing I short circuited some component that has to do with the power?

    Attached are images of the component that “popped”. Is my control board as good as dead? Do I need to buy a new one? Or can I replace this dead component alone?

    If it’s replaceable, can anyone help me identify this component and where I can find a new one?

    Thanks!!C79864F5-6378-4CE7-BB03-2BC5DED0B735.jpeg FA530B9E-A3F2-4F9F-B893-AF2BCA6233CD.jpeg

  • @camshell that thing is just a jumper block. unlikely it is the problem.

    I would guess u blew a capacitor or one of the IC components.

  • @sdetweil Ok. Is there a way to check what’s blown? I know for sure that the board stopped working when I touched the component marked in my image. What does the jumper block do?

  • @camshell said in Replace LCD control board component?:

    What does the jumper block do

    allow someone to change operating characteristics… no idea what THIS one does… just pins onto the circuit board…
    the jumper makes some connection between the two pins. or the others etc…

    no idea what it does here without a board circuit diagram…

    you could have burned the circuit board connections under the jumper block… none of us will know (unless u accidentally found the people that designed and built the board.

    shortest path is find another like monitor to get the board, or find another monitor