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different screen resolution

  • Hi guys,
    I startet right now with my experimental MagicMirror.
    I took an old LCD, an Pi0 and brought up my configuration of an alright running MM.

    Now, as I have different screen resolution I have to tune my custom.css and perhaps the modules in use.

    My question is:
    Is there a possibility, that MM swiches on the base of the connected screen
    a. different costum.css (expl. custom.4x3-1024x768, custom.XxY-1680x105, …) or
    b. different sections within a custom.css

    That would give a possibility maintaining only one (set of) custom.css, don’t matter the display connectet to MM

    Additional I would like to do same with config.js on base of connectes screen.

    Any ideas?

  • @bdream well, the main.css is hard coded to 1920/1080…

    I have an adjusted one that uses view height/width
    view height/width main.css

    config.js doesn’t adjust and most modules (including mine) are pixel based

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