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Multi tasking mirror

  • So I am looking at building a mirror, but I am also wondering if it would be able to handle (on Raspi) running Pi Hole and Own Cloud at the same time. While the overall prices of Raspis are cheap, I’d rather run as few as possible.

  • @waladd well, the answer is as always, ‘it depends’ what do you want the mirror to do, face reco, play spotify , watch you tube all at once, pihole for 10 active clients, and Own Cloud??

    unlikely…but something more reasonable, possibly…

  • @sdetweil Pi hole for 2 pcs, 2 phones, 2 kindles; own cloud for the same phones and PCs; was thinking about facial recognition (I’ve got an old Kinect collecting dust), calendar, weather for the mirror ( guess my imagination is limited by what I don’t know MM will run). I had been thinking about a weather station relaying live info to it about outside conditions and potentially connecting it to my downstairs thermostat for live info there. Maybe a messaging app and potentially voice control.

  • @waladd I have it running with facial recognition, voice control, plex media server, pi hope, mopidy server, Raspotify, and a tons of magic mirror modules, and my rpi4 b 2gb handles quite well… it occasionally hangs during the activation of google assistant but other than that it works just fine…

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