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Calendar -2hours for "all day event"

  • Hi guys,

    Im close to giving up on this. I really feel I have read many tickets and tried everything.

    My local on Pi are set to the correct timezone AND I have showEnd: false, in config (as some mentioned as a solution) - using the defualt calendar module.

    My problem is all my all day events is showed on the day before the correct date.
    When I edit the All day event to start from 10am, it shows up in MagicMirror as 8am.

    Everything is working as it should when I create a new all day event, it shows fine - well… until I restarted the mirror a couple of times also those all day events showed up on the day before?

    This is really annoying. I am on the newest version of Magic Mirror (2.12.0) and my gmail is setup to right timezone, and all events shows up correct in both browser and iphone.
    To make it even more strange, 1 all day event is shown correctly… All events are from the same gmail calendar…

    What and where should I start? 😕 Thanks.


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