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Calendar: how to change "In 2 days"?

  • I’m fine with “Today” and “Tomorrow”, but I would like to see “17 Jul” instead of the current “In 2 days”.

    I think my config.js is correctly setup, but clearly the calendar still shows “In 2 days”.

    Not sure what to try next, some help is highly appreciated.



    alt text

    My config:

    module: "calendar",
    header: "Calendar",
    position: "top_right",
    config: {
    	fade: true,
    	fadePoint: 0.75,
    	colored: true,
    	timeFormat: "absolute",
    	dateFormat: "D MMM",
    	fullDayEventDateFormat: "D MMM",
    	urgency: 0,
    	getRelative: 0,
    	nextDaysRelative: true,
    	calendars: [
    			// Private
    			symbol: "chevron-circle-right",
    			color: "#ffcc00",
    			url: ""
    			// Birthdays
    			symbol: "grin-alt",
    			color: "#9966cc",
    			url: ""
    			// Work
    			symbol: "dot-circle",
    			color: "#3366ff",
    			url: ""

  • Module Developer

  • Both are set to 0 and from my understanding this should mean I see absolute dates only.

    I did some more testing and the problem only occurs with full day events.

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