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Auto Reload on Config File Change

  • On a fresh Raspbian install I load MagicMirror using the automatic script from sdetweil. It all works. One thing I noticed that was whenever I made a change to the config file, it automatically reloaded the config. This was great when I was playing around and constantly changing the config.

    I installed a few modules and made config changes.
    Then all of a sudden the changes to the config file stopped reloading automatically. I hadn’t even rebooted yet.

    I even deleted the MagicMirror and reinstalled but still no auto reload on config file change.

    How do you set that up again?

  • @mjurgens are you using pm2 to start your mm?

  • @mjurgens said in Auto Reload on Config File Change:

    automatic script from sdetweil

    I believe so. I think your script sets that up

  • @mjurgens I have seen inconsistent results with change detection in pm2. I have not debugged it…

  • That probably explains it - a bug - it was strange how it suddenly just stopped working

  • Module Developer

    It’s actually not a bug, or more like a bug with PM2 that it stops.

    the initial setup sets it up for --watch on the Pm2 line, when it restarts, it’ll eventually forget about that command line point.

  • I have a script that I run every 15 minutes via cron that checks for updates to the config file. It compares the time and date stamp of the config file against the time and date stamp of the pid file from when MM was started. If the config file is newer, it restarts MM.

            if [ /home/pi/MagicMirror/config/config.js -nt /home/pi/.pm2/pids/ ]; then
                    /usr/bin/pm2 restart mm

  • What I have done to resolve this is installed the inotify-tools package and then setup a systemd service using the inotifywait command. This watches the config dir and on change triggers a “pm2 restart MagicMirror” command

  • Actually, now that I set up my own auto restart, the pm2 one or whatever was doing it to start with has started working again.

    So now the question is - how do I disable the preconfigured built-in auto restart?

  • @mjurgens edit the installers.pm2_MagicMirror_json file, and remove the watch: line and the trailing comma from the prior line. then do

    # remove old version, not editable
    pm2 remove 0
    # cleanup saved task repo
    pm2 save
    # start new app
    pm2 start installers/p2_MagicMirror.json
    # save  app in restart repo
    pm2 save

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